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Senior Caregiver Guide

It’s a tough conversation to have with an aging parent — but there may come a time when you have to take care of the people who were always there to take care of you. The good thing is, there is a wide range of home care options available, and getting informed about these options makes it easier to talk about the solutions that will allow your senior loved one to keep their independence.

COPD Caregiver Guide

If a loved one has been diagnosed with COPD, they know what it means to struggle to breathe. It’s scary for them, but you can be there to help them make the changes necessary to control their symptoms and breathe better. 

Heart Failure Caregiver Guide

Heart Failure is a serious diagnosis, but if your loved one makes the necessary diet and life changes, they can gain control of their health and live a quality life. This guide will help you understand their condition so you can support them in their health goals.

Dementia Caregiver Guide

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, it can feel overwhelming. This guide will give you the insights you need to understand their condition and compassionately walk beside them in this difficult journey.

Hospice Caregiver Guide

When a family member is in the final stages of life, Hospice can increase their quality of life so they can make the most of this cherished time. This guide offers answers to many of your questions about hospice and the support it offers.

Diabetes Caregiver Guide

Understanding diabetes and how to care for a family member who is diagnosed with it is crucial to their health outcomes. This guide highlights the care regimens, diet and life changes required to manage it.

Veteran Benefits Fast Facts

Veterans sacrificed a lot to serve our country, and some of their experiences resurface during the final stages of life. Hospice providers that participate in the We Honor Veterans program can provide the compassionate support veterans and their families deserve. This fast facts offers insights into these issues along with the benefits and resources available to them.