"An elder care attorney can help you make difficult decisions regarding your senior loved one. They can:
  1. Create a long term care plan. They can recommend a long term care plan based on your loved ones' financial and medical needs. They'll discuss living options including home care, independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. 
  2. Ensure a durable power of attorney is in place. They prepare documents to place a durable power of attorney in case your loved one becomes incapacitated. If your loved one is currently incapacitated, they commence guardianship proceedings to allow you or another guardian the ability to handle your loved one's financial and personal affairs.
  3. Help accessing Medicaid. They can help you determine if you're eligible for Medicaid and apply for its benefits. They also provide information on veteran benefits and additional government resources.
  4. Protect assets from financial exploitation. They can identify and report potential criminal activity or fraud and notify family members.
  5. Ensure legal documents are compliant with state and local laws. They can review documents and make sure documents like a living will (aka advance directive) and will are prepared correctly.
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